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To create an MP3, add files to the project by clicking "Add files(s)".
All selected files will be converted into MP3 format.
You can play, delete and move files using the control bar.

You can sort files by any column with a click on the header of the column.
The Tag area is used to specify or modify file descriptions (title, album,
artist, genre).
Select a file in the project and modify its description as needed in this area.
You can also modify the description of a file in the project by clicking the corresponding field.


Use the MP3 areato specify the encoding quality.


The Options area


Make m3u playlist: Create a playlist and write it to the disk together with the MP3 files.

Don't recompress MP3 files: Do not modify the MP3 files; if this option is selected, FinalBurner will not convert the MP3 files using the bitrate and tags specified in the corresponding areas .

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