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Burn options

This is the final stage of the disc creation process where you will choose the disc drive to be used for burning a disc and set further burn options. All information on the progress will be displayed in the Log pane of the window.

IMPORTANT! Before continuing with Burn options, please insert a recordable disc in your disc drive.

Drive – click on the drop-down list by this option to select the drive to be used for burning.

Test write – select this checkbox if you want Final Burner to make a test write of your data to ensure the quality of the recording.

Allow next session – select this checkbox if you want to allow further recordings on this disc.

Eject – select this checkbox to have Final Burner eject the disc once the burning is complete.

Erase – click to erase recordable media before writing data on it. This will perform the quick erase; i.e. the program will only destroy the table of contents on the disc and allow writing new data over the old data.

Full erase – select this checkbox to wipe the recordable media completely. Unlike with the quick erase, with this option selected, the program will erase both table of contents and data.

Burn – click on this button to proceed to the burning process.

Save ISO – click to save data as a single disc image file on your hard drive. You can later burn discs from this image file or share this file over e-mail or your local area network.


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