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Getting started with Final Burner

When the FinalBurner starts, a window opens where you can select the type of project you are going to create.

Note: You can also access the Select Project Type window by clicking the File menu, selecting New, and then selecting the type of project you want to create.


You can choose from the following project types:

Data CD/DVD – creates a data CD or DVD.

Audio CD – creates a CD-audio disc.

Video DVD – creates a video DVD.

Burn ISO – copies a CD/DVD image to disc.

Audio CD Ripper – reads audio from a CD-audio disc and converts it to MP3.

Select a project type and click OK.

The disc creation window opens where you can select files and folders to be added to your project. Each type of project has its own window with a related collection of tools.

With FinalBurner you can make Data CD\DVD, Audio CD, Video DVD, Burn ISO and Rip Audio CD.

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