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Our projects:
Video Author
Sat Hunter
DeepGeoTech magnetometer

ProtectedSoft Development Lab.

Since 2004, ProtectedSoft has been creating Windows productivity software for business and home users.
In addition to Finalburner, we also offer VideoDvdMaker, DVD2AVI Ripper, DigitalVideoConverter and other audio-video software.
Currently ProtectedSoft is a team of experienced C++ and Delphi developers, leading software projects listed above and offering outsourcing.

Action: VideoConverter for $90 only!

The ProtectedSoft company offers to develop a software video converter for you. With this program, you can convert video of various formats, capture video from a camcorder, convert DVDs, download video from youtube and so on. Learn more about the features of the program here.

What you get: the distribution package of your own software with your name and links to your site. You can distribute it on your site among your visitors and also distribute it at download directories in order to attract more target visitors to your site.

What it gives:

1. Your members use the program to fill your site with various contents of higher quality.
2. If you distribute the program on other resources, you get more external links, which takes your site to higher positions in search results.
3. If you just submit the program to download directories, you will automatically get several thousand visitors and several registrations per day.

How much it costs: the license is free, it is royalty free, all you have to pay is a one-time setup fee for developing a custom version. The setup fee is $90.

1. Send a preliminary request with your name, name for the program and your site in it. Email:
2. You will receive an invoice.
3. After you pay for it, the distribution package of your program will be developed within 3 workdays.